Thraxil Weblog Engine

Thraxil is a community weblog engine written by Anders Pearson.

Thraxil was written in Perl and utilizes the PostgreSQL database.

See Thraxil in action.


Thraxil has a number of advanced features including:


The source code is available under the GNU GPL (see LICENSE). please note that Thraxil is not intended as a beginner's weblogging tool. please do not try to install it unless you have administrative access to your own webserver, have a good understanding of Apache configuration, know how to use postgresql, are comfortable installing Perl modules, and aren't afraid to read the instructions closely.

note: a server move is coming up soon. i've done a good deal of work on improving the codebase (better caching, better mod_perl performance, and some new features). you may want to hold off on actually installing thraxil for a few weeks till i get the new version fully tested and release it.


See the installation guide


There is a changelog.

Thraxil is being actively worked on by anders in his spare time. some of the main items on the todo list are:

Anders welcomes patches for any of the above (or pretty much any other cool feature).