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Veggie NY

So…I’m in the city for the next week…any kick ass veggie restaurants I should hit? Went to Zen Palate last night on 9th and 46th (I think)…nice vegan chinese food and pretty cheap too…

A New Low

Just when you thought TV had hit rock bottom, along comes Gana La Verde. I don’t really know what to say. This is one of the saddest excuses for a program ever.

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Not trying to be nitpicky...

A couple of new things I’ve noticed about the site…

    <li>You can&#8217;t edit your comments!  I think (at least) if I&#8217;m logged in when I add a comment I should be able to edit it after the fact&#8230;that way people would know the conference I have in <span class="caps">NYC</span> is the week of the 16th&#8230;</li>

    <li>Ummm&#8230;there was something else that just bugged me but it got lost in my attention span void&#8230;</li>
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Anyone else notice...

…that all of the comments on old (pre-new version) posts say exactly the same thing? (Not from one post to another…but within each post)


Spent this past weekend at the Clearwater Festival. Cool shit. Great performances by Dar Williams and The Nields. Decent performance by Ani Difranco. Plus a bunch of people I had never heard before that weren’t all that bad :-)


So…I went to the Dominican Republic last week. It was great fun, but also a lesson in things we take for granted. Like a reliable power supply (so the traffic lights in the city don’t die, along with the rest of the power, for at least a few hours a day), hot water, running water, pavement, the ability to use your credit cards at will, I’m sure there are others. I think it’s pointless to visit a different country and not experience it as the people experience it (as much as possible); otherwise just go to Disney World…the plane tickets are cheaper. Also of note is the fact that I’m engaged now (woohoo!).

<p>We stopped at Meskerem (west 47th b/w 9th and 10th) on the way out of the country.  We&#8217;ve been there a few times and for those of you in the city who are into Ethiopian food (or haven&#8217;t tried it) you might want to check it out.  Awash (Amsterdam b/w 106th and 107th) is probably even better; but I&#8217;m not gonna complain, any Ethiopian food is good Ethiopian food.</p>


When I hit “Reply to This” I get ‘Error occurred while processing this directive’ above the little reply box…

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One must wonder what the point of selecting usernames is if we display our real names…not that I care…

I like cheese

just making sure everything is working properly.

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i hate television!

Alright, how is it that when you increase your total viewership by 36%, you still get cancelled? First Firefly, then Buffy and now Angel. All I have left is Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Not to mention that I don’t think I can endure the thought of a season without ANY Joss Whedon shows on the air. Time to go drown myself in my Buffy & Angel DVDs…