Bush, the Environazi

by Miguel Diaz Wed 24 Dec 2003 19:21:52

Can we PLEASE vote him out of office yet??

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haven't you noticed how lethargic america has become? you could put a video of bush openly admitting to lying about the weapons and giving contracts to his dads buddies and hundreds of other things, and his approval rating would drop 5 points. i don't understand how nonchalant we have become. people will reelect him because the puppet they will throw against him won't offer a viable alternative. people will reelect him because gas is cheap. people will reelect him because they will only remember how whiny the democrats were. people will reelect him because THERE IS A MIND CONTROL DRUG IN THE FLU VACCINE.

whoa, what happened? i blacked out there for a second.

The thing that sickens me almost as much as another 4 years of Junior being in office is the fact that I'm going to have to vote for Baby Bush based on my anybody but Bush system. It's sad that the most democratic of the democrats doesn't even register on most of the polls.

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