by Miguel Diaz Wed 16 Jun 2004 15:45:18

So…I went to the Dominican Republic last week. It was great fun, but also a lesson in things we take for granted. Like a reliable power supply (so the traffic lights in the city don’t die, along with the rest of the power, for at least a few hours a day), hot water, running water, pavement, the ability to use your credit cards at will, I’m sure there are others. I think it’s pointless to visit a different country and not experience it as the people experience it (as much as possible); otherwise just go to Disney World…the plane tickets are cheaper. Also of note is the fact that I’m engaged now (woohoo!).

<p>We stopped at Meskerem (west 47th b/w 9th and 10th) on the way out of the country.  We&#8217;ve been there a few times and for those of you in the city who are into Ethiopian food (or haven&#8217;t tried it) you might want to check it out.  Awash (Amsterdam b/w 106th and 107th) is probably even better; but I&#8217;m not gonna complain, any Ethiopian food is good Ethiopian food.</p>
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congratulations on the engagement!

i would just like to point out that i used to live right next to Awash. seriously. there was one store between my apartment and Awash. (i currently only live a couple blocks away). and, yes, it is good. eating with your hands rocks.

one block diagonal to the northwest of Awash is my favorite mexican restaurant, Taqueria Y Fonda. i brought TC there when he was visiting (i bring just about anyone who visits there).

next time you're in the city eating in my neighborhood, you should let me know.

I'm going to be there the week of August 10th for a conference...gotta have ethiopian at least once that week...

So I see how it is. You bring any old traveling slut there, huh? You pig. silly face .... Dude... I love that resteraunt. Such tender beef, for all you veggies out there. Mmmmm. Beeef.

My friend, Victoria went to the there at that time. How eerily interesting. Janneke Voigt went there a few years ago, and they were practicing communism rather well, so it looked like. There was a community cow in the center of a small town - of which anyone could get milk from. Interesting.

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