If one were lazy...

by Miguel Diaz Tue 24 Aug 2004 16:09:26

which I am…would there happen to be a semi-decent, standards compliant, web authoring tool out there? Preferrably for free since I tend to be cheap as well as lazy :-)

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recent versions of Dreamweaver "actually do a pretty good job": wrt standards.

if you prefer a slightly more hand-coding like approach and are running windows, "Nick Bradbury":'s "TopStyle": is pretty hard to beat. (Nick's the guy who wrote HomeSite, which was one of the only windows apps i actually enjoyed using back when i used windows).

personally, i find that nothing beats a well customized vim or emacs. mac users also tend to like BBEdit for web stuff.

Well, my box at home is OOC for the time being; and until Lotus comes up with a viable solution for Notes on Linux I'm stuck running XP on my work machine (well, they actually HAVE a viable solution: web based Notes access; too bad our CIO won't actually allow us to enable it on our Notes servers for some reason). Anyway, I was also a big fan of HomeSite back in the day...I was really looking for something kind of DreamWeaver-like without the $400 price tag. Realizing that this probably wasn't going to be an option; I started poking around a bit to see what we actually have licenses for. It turns out IBM actually makes a web development tool called "IBM Websphere Homepage Builder": I didn't do a whole lot of testing; but I installed it, created a few quick pages and ran them through the "validator at": and they came back compliant. So, it looks like I'm going to run with this until it gives me an issue.

I don't actually have another comment...I'm just fixing the URL in my sig...


hrm...yes...Notepad was great back in the day...but it requires ME to be standards compliant...I'd rather have software do that work for me...


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