Common Sense

by Miguel Diaz Wed 17 Nov 2004 10:04:39

So…I’m sitting here in my office when the public address system starts talking. To paraphrase, “This is a test of our public address system, anyone having trouble hearing this message should submit a service request”.

<p>Now, maybe it&#8217;s just me&#8230;but I&#8217;m thinking, if someone can&#8217;t hear the announcement, how the hell are they supposed to know that a: there was an announcement and b: what they should do about the fact that they can&#8217;t hear it.</p>

<p>Just seems like someone should&#8217;ve spent a little more time thinking that one through&#8230;</p>
TAGS: stupid people


Reminds me of the Dilbert cartoon when Dilbert tells the IT guy that he can't get on his email, and the harried ITechie tells him to send an email and he'll get right on it....

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