No Felony for St. Patrick's Four

by Miguel Diaz Mon 26 Sep 2005 15:26:14

This morning, a jury found the St. Patrick's Four of the felony conspiracy charges they faced, instead finding them guilty of a couple of misdemeanors with maximum sentences of 1.5 years combined. This is a HUGE victory for civil disobedience, even though I doubt the judge will let them off without jail time come sentencing (prior convictions in other civil disobedience cases will probably screw them).

Here are a couple of links to stories: The St. Patrick's Four Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin

For those not familiar with the case, they are four Ithaca residents charged with dumping human blood on an American flag in an Army recruiting station.

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I just heard this terrific obscene joke : America, land of the free.

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