Just another rant..

by Jaide Talithe Thu 29 May 2003 04:12:43

I was looking for some account creation code for LiveJournal and came across an entry in this site that bashed LiveJournal. And I agreed with what was said. Of course I only wanted to join LiveJournal to add it to my Elfwood account. But this will suffice. I don’t put money into websites so I don’t know why people would expect me to put money into online journals. Paying people to read my thoughts. It should be the other way around.

<p>Well not much has been going on for me. I&#8217;m supposed to do an art trade with an artist from Elfwood, of course she got hers done a few days ago and I&#8217;m still in the stages of rough sketches. I should have scanned some pictures two days ago, but apparently I didn&#8217;t or I wouldn&#8217;t have used the words &#8216;should gave&#8217;.</p>

<p>I was expected to paint another mural on my high school&#8217;s hallways. I finished one a week after I graduated. And I was expected to finish another girl&#8217;s mural. I didn&#8217;t want to but sometimes I can&#8217;t say no to immortalize my work in the very place I loathed for so long.</p>

<p>I started a resume today. It killed me. You don&#8217;t realize how unmulti-talented you are until you try to sell yourself. I don&#8217;t have any recorded experience of work. Ok. I worked one day and didn&#8217;t get paid. But that hardly counts. I don&#8217;t understand the point of resumes until you actually have experience in the field. If I put mine in the pile of applicants, the employers for a grocery/packing store will stare at my, &#8220;Skills: Drawing, painting with acrylics, limited knowledge in <span class="caps">HTML</span>, <span class="caps">CSS</span>, and <span class="caps">LPC</span>.&#8221; and laugh their ass off at my forever condemned life of unemployment. This sucks. And if they didn&#8217;t laugh at that my, &#8220;Interests: Working hard to collect some money.&#8221; probably will sink in. I&#8217;ve done a resume before, but it&#8217;s for an art-related job, not a grocery/packing/delivery store. The world of employment is against me. I&#8217;ve been wanting to get a job for years, really, but I&#8217;m the kind of person that waits for things to come my way. And no job has come my way. So I&#8217;m finally trying to get one and my parent&#8217;s don&#8217;t encourage me whatsoever. I thought they&#8217;d want me to work, they said it themselves, but when I asked for a little advice they said, &#8220;Look on the internet.&#8221; What the hell. Am I supposed to Ask Jeeves?</p>

<p>This is not a good start for my first entry.</p>

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