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by Matthias Dittgen Mon 08 Oct 2001 02:35:54

After Anders has , beside the sketches, no graphics at thraxil, how about to develop a logo/symbol/icon/banner for thraxil? This idea came suddenly to my mind, and I just wanted to share the idea. Perhaps we should make a kind of contest, but I have no idea what the winner gets. ;-)

Symbols are often something people can identify with. A good symbol and the easy-to-remember name “thraxil” together could bring this website a step further to it’s “secret” goal of cooperate world domination…


i have no ideas myself, but if anyone else does, i'm all ears.

I found a lovely little icon in Mircosoft Word's clipart collections. A little tweaking of the color scheme and kapow here's it: LOVELY LITTLE ICON LOVELY LITTLE ICON LOVELY LITTLE ICON LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

I think it really fits the thraxxxil spirit! It's got kind of a "I've got a whistle and I ain't afraid to post weird messages" feel to it. Eat pie.




Hmmm... I'm partial to pastels... or 70s color these days. Like the blogger logo. But Thraxil is very 256 shades of grey with a modicum of bleak blue. So praps trev's idea is in the right direction. How about an abstact representation of Anders' ear?

alright, so i've actually been secretly working on a rewrite of the thraxil engine lately (it's been almost a year since the last major rewrite). many new tricks on the way. i'm keeping silent about what the new features will be but some of them overlap and/or interfere with things mentioned here. (how's that for being vague?)

the idea of an abstract representation of my ear frightens me. i'm not sure why, but it does.

the grey/bleak blue colorscheme is just the current one. since thraxil is skinnable, the design and look/feel change every once in a while.

but change the color scheme? why rewrite?
always programs or websites become rewritten.... Why not just improve them without changing so much that already was fine?
Does someone yet use the skin-able_feature?
I like Matti's idea of watermarks for each of us seeders posts background :-)

Manly yes. But I like it too.
Repeat after me... Ander's Ear, Ander's Ear, Ander's Ear.



for the record, my name is: anders
the correct possessive is: anders'
the plural is: anders
they are all pronounced the same.

deviations will be met with air strikes against any country harboring the offender(s).

thank you.
just be glad you didn't accidently call me 'andrews' like so many of the half-wits i run into on a daily basis. americans are stupid.

Most of the talkings-on of thr4x.ll aren't stupid (me notice), but just imagine if I could go on a web-forum and make the conversation smarter by closing a </pedantic> tag that someone accidentally left open at the beginning of the convesation. hahaAAAHa. I found 33 s0bes at IGA, the fancy yummy ones that have cane sugar instead of high-fructose-corn-syrup, and I'm not usually into being trendy, but I like cane sugar. How about a sound-clip column in (THRAXIL) to follow the pattern of the sketch and hyperlink columns? Andrews could post x-INT sounds there, and someone else out there must be able to make a use of it. Found a mathematical formula in a text-book: [non-alcoholic beverage]+[alcoholic liquid]+[finger paint]=exp((-)/(4pi)). It didn't have a derivation, but I suspect it's true. Hey, Anders, do you still have a caligraphy pen-brush fancy thing and make designs with it? I remember something like that, or at least something like something like that and it was at MMSM. I remember it made pretty swaths, or at least something like pretty swaths. WAIT A SEC! WHY ARE THERE FISH IN MY UNDERWEAR! I JUST WIPED THE OTHER DAY!

at partys or any other place with the combination of cultural illiteracy, noise, and alcohol, i am eternally "bill"

Ander's and Emilie... god knows the trouble I been.

Trevor ... ahhhhhhh. Stop it already, you're awesome :)

Lol. Joseph George Bill Daigle doesn't have the same ring to it.

I don't know, thraxil went white pretty soon after I saw the first pic of anders with short hair. It kinda stands for the absence of his raven locks in my mind.

So, the new logo/banner will be up by halloween?

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