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Separation of Church and State: Not Any Time Soon

I was absolutely shocked when I saw this site:

<p><a href=""></a></p>

<p>There are seven US state constitutions which explicitly discriminate against Athiests! It&#8217;s amazing that things like this get integrated into the law and stay there.</p>

<p>That guy that is fighting to remove &#8220;under God&#8221; from the national anthem has received endless death threats and hate mail, and I am proud of him for weathering the storm for the seperatist cause. Why do people feel the need to force others to follow their religious practices? Mind your own business!</p>

Spaz Out New York

Here is the link to my new web site, Spaz Out New York.


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<p>Let&#8217;s face it. We are living in troubled times. The looming war on Iraq and the overwhelming success </p>

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