Separation of Church and State: Not Any Time Soon

by Spaz Out Fri 05 Dec 2003 17:58:05

I was absolutely shocked when I saw this site:

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<p>There are seven US state constitutions which explicitly discriminate against Athiests! It&#8217;s amazing that things like this get integrated into the law and stay there.</p>

<p>That guy that is fighting to remove &#8220;under God&#8221; from the national anthem has received endless death threats and hate mail, and I am proud of him for weathering the storm for the seperatist cause. Why do people feel the need to force others to follow their religious practices? Mind your own business!</p>
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What pisses me off is the politicians that are continuously saying "the bill of rights offers freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion" in one form or's generally reserved for the Pat Buchanan types, but Joe Lieberman has used some form of that quote more than once. Where the hell are the Kucinich supporters when you need them??? He may be Catholic but at least he doesn't shove it down our throats...

I speak on behalf of all Nazarene Protestants everywhere. I believe that any Christian or person of any other religion is a hypocrite if they have been sending death threats and hate mail to the Athiest who was trying to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Just because, we, as Christians, believe he is wrong in his beliefs, we do not need to come at him with hatrid. That is not the attitude of a true follower of Jesus Christ. I would like to say to any Athiests who might read this, those "Christians" that come at you with hatrid and discrimination are not true followers of Jesus Christ. They only say they are, and they need a wake-up call, because if they are acting that way, then they are on the same road as any Athiest, Buddist, or person of any other religion.

Jesus Christ loved you so much he died for you! With love, speak on behalf of ALL Nazarenes? That's's my grandmother doing anyway? Somehow I doubt she has much opinion either way on the maybe you speak for all Nazarenes except her...

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