Journal Posting...

by Thanh Christopher Nguyen Thu 10 Jun 2004 22:28:09

How do I get it to post to my journal without posting to the main page, so you don’t have to surf through garbage like I wrote today? Or should I just stop writing garbage? Yes… You know… I think I wrote this just because I wanted to say the word garbage in my head… over and over. Garrr-bage. Garbage.

TAGS: garbage


everything goes on the main page. don't worry about it.

i'm trying to think of ways to de-emphasize the front-page while keeping it useful. the real goal is for the site to just become a collection of individual weblogs. the fact that everything also shows up on the main page is incidental.

That's cool. I've just been building a bunch of ni-entertaining things that I think are worth posting, but probably not worth front page credit... You know? Something for people to read if they're in that time killing mode. Something for my to write, when I'm in that other time killing mode. I thought there may be a way to post it, and it shows up at the bottom, like in those little bars you have, but not the entire body of the post at the top of the page, covering up something else recently posted, and way more worth someone's attention, such as Lani's request for back-up system information.

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