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by Thanh Christopher Nguyen Thu 01 Jul 2004 07:18:02

So… Now Japan is working on a new cellphone that has no speaker. Instead, it has a miniature vibrator that vibrates the tendons in the arm and resonated through the bones of the hand. To answer the phone, you simply click your fingers together, and to talk, you simply raise your hand to your head, and stick your finger on or in your ear. The phone is a wrist watch with a tiny module for the vibrator on the back side of the wrist. What I want to know is: How long before we see those inside the vending machines?

<p>In addendum:  Beyond this technology, the phone maker is researching fiber optic technology that will allow him to create tiny video screens, and phones that can be sewn into the cuffs of shirts, and just as thin as the thick starchy cuff itself.  He already has several uses for this phone, as his current ones allow you to dispense dog food, open and close curtains, activate lighting, and even broadcast live video to the burglar stealing your TV, should your home alarm go off.</p>
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bah! I'm a much bigger fan of the Cell Phone/Radio Tooth



Jeez...The Japanese won't stop until they've completely reshaped the world of technology, will they?

Oh, my God, that looks so cool. But how will you call someone else?

I'm pretty sure you dial it from the watch. There's also voice recognition, which I bet they thought to put in there. I want a soda.

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