Reunion at Bubba's

by Thanh Christopher Nguyen Sat 27 Nov 2004 17:50:37

I’m not really about to go into it now. I’m at my parents’, and am about to go to my bro’s, but you MSSM guys will smile at this thought…. Jesse Anderson, Dave Lydon, and Jeff Spencer running into one another all at once from seperate directions in a bar/club called “Bubba’s.” Then… of all things…. Jesse dancing to 80’s music, Jeff Spencer’s girlfriend (Nadine) talking about how Jeff almost made state representative last year, and Dave Lydon… well shit… being Dave. I just sat back and watched the three, mostly Jesse getting jiggy with it on a disco-style flashing dance flor – his twisted/braided up beard and all. What a god time. Hey Anders… we should make something explode when you come home for Xmas!

TAGS: anders xmas jesse dave jeff spencer state representative


being there would have made my month.

I'd have voted for Jeff. We could use more people like him in government.

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