MoRe WoRk...not that any body reads this...

by GrOoVy Wed 28 Jan 2004 18:17:28

silent night

<p>quiet night</p>

<p>finding my way</p>

<p>the stars are bright</p>

<p>heavens lamps sparkle</p>

<p>to brighten my walk</p>

<p>heads cast up</p>

<p>nobody dares talk</p>

<p>hushed in the beauty of night</p>

<p>nobody fueds or fights</p>

<p>together at last</p>

<p>we forget our past</p>

<p>peace on eath came from the sky</p>

<p>have we not a reason why</p>

<p>not a clue or information</p>

<p>oh so grand is god&#8217;s creation.</p>

<p>To end all malice on land or on sea</p>

<p>doesn&#8217;t miss one person, not you or me</p>

<p>please remember this night</p>

<p>daunting but resinating light.</p>

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