This one is a little wierd however!

by GrOoVy Wed 28 Jan 2004 18:16:06

Crucifixion: An innocent conviction.

<p>The colours on the cherry sky;                                             </p>

<p>Are those of my Mind</p>

<p>Reflecting the wandering of </p>

<p>A torn Heart.</p>

<p>A dawning of death</p>

<p>And the beginning of an end.</p>

<p>I prepare for a fate</p>

<p>But will return</p>

<p>And with these marks upon me</p>

<p>But a few do mourn</p>

<p>For the loss of a criminal</p>

<p>The nails and thorns that bind me</p>

<p>Only restrain, can never change</p>

<p>The structure of my person</p>

<p>I can feel weakening.</p>

<p>This mortal human I&#8217;ve become </p>

<p>Crimson blossoms seep through my</p>

<p>Poorly drawn facade</p>

<p>The stigmata clear upon my palms</p>

<p>Crucified for my beliefs</p>

<p>Strung upon a cross </p>

<p>But once I was everywhere</p>

<p>And watched my world expand</p>

<p>The beings I created</p>

<p>So quick to throw their stones</p>

<p>Sent here with love to lead them</p>

<p>Only cast away and scorn.</p>

<p>Gyrating masses jeer.</p>

<p>I am their sculptor, but they are blind.</p>

<p>Fruit of the earth, they are all designed from inside me.</p>

<p>They blame me now</p>

<p>For a false preaching</p>

<p>For defying their god</p>

<p>The same god that I share</p>

<p>The very god that I am</p>

<p>I have no need for mercy</p>

<p>Now my journey is complete</p>

<p>And for this I shall forgive them</p>

<p>They are my family</p>

<p>My naive children.</p>

<p>The shadow of my soul,</p>

<p>Dissolves as the sun slips from the day.</p>

<p>Now I am an empty shell,</p>

<p>But I am filled with just one thing</p>

<p>My own sanity.</p>

<p>I am weak.</p>

<p>When I next see their faces</p>

<p>They will understand</p>

<p>That no longer am I guilty</p>

<p>Nor am I a man.</p>

<p>When I see them repent</p>

<p>For this crime they undertook</p>

<p>They will not be hanging here </p>

<p>For this injustice against me</p>

<p>I will not condemn as they have done.</p>

<p>I shall open up my arms to them</p>

<p>And they shall do the same</p>

<p>Everyone shall be free from guilt</p>

<p>Free from fault or burden.</p>

<p>Absolved from grief, they can recover.</p>

<p>We killed our father</p>

<p>Weep they who now wail regret.</p>

<p>Had they not a reason why?</p>

<p>This plan once was justice,</p>

<p>Now all it brings is fear.</p>

<p>They lost him to suspicion</p>

<p>And will find him through forgiveness</p>

<p>Have faith for he has not disowned us </p>

<p>We shall find him</p>

<p>When we too leave our lives.</p>

<p>In a place, somewhere much better</p>

<p>Where scars and wounds can heal.</p>

<p>Gates will open</p>

<p>And angels will sing.</p>

<p>The people will follow him once more</p>

<p>Follow Christ into eternity.</p>

<p>Shame of jurisdiction, with its iron fist.</p>

<p>Suddenly the world removes itself from me</p>

<p>I return to the land from which I was sent.</p>

<p>While my shell is placed in a tomb</p>

<p>My mind is with God.</p>
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