All Things Punk

by Chris Williams Wed 23 Oct 2002 23:22:22

OK, so I saw The Distillers this past weekend. What souvenir did I pick up? My best guess is either a cracked or bruised rib. Signs pointing to bruised: it didn’t really hurt until Monday (read: it only hurt when I took a deep breath). Signs pointing to cracked: from Monday onwards, it feels like Doubting Thomas himself has decided to poke around my chest, eschewing his fingers for a hot poker.

<p>Anyhoo, the show was a blast. Anytime the headlining act clears the floor for an all-female slam-dance affair with the phrase, &#8220;Vaginas <em>Only</em>&#8221; it&#8217;s worth the price of admission. Especially when the song (punk rock song, mind you) was all about women&#8217;s suffrage. So their detractors will call them a bunch of Hole wannabes. I&#8217;ve yet to see their detractors stand up to meself or anyone there. Huff huff.</p>

<p>Punk&#8217;s not dead, and with cool chicks like Brodie, it&#8217;ll be a long, wonderful, painful death while peeing on the graves of the Backdoor Boys.</p>


from what i've seen of them, i like the Distillers. the singer's voice does sound a little too much like Courtney Love for comfort though. i'm sure it's not on purpose, just unfortunate. as long as she doesn't start wearing little babydoll outfits, punching kathleen hanna, and marrying kurt kobain, i'll try not to hold it against her.

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