by Akshademonress Tue 04 Nov 2003 12:11:59

Well, it sure as hell don’t seem to take much to piss me off lately. I’ve been on edge for the past week. Maybe its because of the people in my life. There are quite a few who are taking every chance that they can to see how far they can push me. I plan to just sit back and say whatever the hell I feel like saying, wait for them to take the first hit, beat the living hell out of them, then press charges for harrassment, assault and battery, and anything else I damn well feel like laying on them, and when they bring up the fact that I fought back, I won’t deny it, but considering that they took the first hit, I am as safe as I can possibly be, cause technically its self defense. Problems solved. On a different note,I may have fractured or broken my foot. It sure as hell feels like it.I went to see vp last night. He was pretty suprised to see me at 9:00 at night. I felt a lot better after that, though. He has this ability to calm me down with so little effort no matter how bad things seem to be going. I also figured out why I never got any feedback from a place online that I joined a while ago./ I had my settings for recieving messages and emails and shit like that turned off! My book is almost ready to be published, too! I’m really excited about that!

 Well, that’s pretty much it. See Ya!

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