Fear Factory

by anders pearson Sat 28 Oct 2000 21:34:53


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it looks like they've broken up. :(

at least there appears to be at least one new band, KUSH, forming from the ashes including Burton and Christian plus members of the Deftones and Cypress Hill.

Yeah they broke up a little while ago. Without Raymond Herrera they will be nothing. Sigh. I miss '95 vintage Herrera. Oh well, that's what my CD player is for I guess.

this band was epic, especially in Demanufacture days, an album which, once discovered, i must have played hundreds of times, even falling asleep to it. its one of those untouchable, irreplaceable, classic records. i always thought they could probably work with trent some day, especially after seeing burt wearing a NIN hat at the obsolete show in lewiston- but ah well.

the surprising thing about all of this for me is the apparent asshole-ness of dino. i had always thought of him as pure artist, pure metal-headed innovator. in most of the interviews with him, he seemed pretty cool. just a neat dude. but reading about this mess between he and the band is disheartening.

actually, now that i think about it, when anders and i got to meet them, he was the only one who was aloof; herrera being the friendliest.

I realized one thing: he is just a bitter, bitter, fat man. Despite all the things he said to paint a distorted picture of how it all went down, I can only feel sorry for the guy.

damn. sometimes i really just dont want to know some things.

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