How to draw Anime

by anders pearson Tue 05 Dec 2000 20:45:17


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I like the tutorial and the part about the shape of the body.
But beside that one can only draw this ANIME cartoon figures...
If one would switch the part for the huge comic eyes and the
hair with some more realistic style persons it would be fine, too!
And before colored, the sketches really look better to me....
But as usual with "art". It's a question about the viewpoint...

I mean look at my sketches [642], [641]...I admit I had a template, because it is much harder to draw a realistic face...

hi teach me to draw anime i suck!!!!!

first you crap you pants then you pee on a piece of paper and an anime drawing will before your eyes

well you can allways buy how to draw books

i need to draw anime to be a cmic book maker.

Ok well i need alot of anime help, iv been fooling around drawing i meen REALLY FOOLING AROUND not near as good as anime. I have been drawing stick figures and screwing up. Its time i put some time into drawing. Please reply =)

If you're really interested in Anime, you should contact Joe Medina. I can get his email for you, but it'll take a couple of days, since I'm not near my own computer. Post back, and I'll email it to you.

Who is Joe Medina? anyway i've been drwaing for about a couple of years now(anime) and i'm pretty good by now. If this guy could help me get better or just offer some advice or criticism i'd appreciate it.

I draw a lot and I wanted to try anime. So, about three months ago I started copying other anime drawings and and after I got the jist of it I started making my own characters. I'm not really into making comics or flash, more like just designing characters. One of my weak points through every thing I've drawn is shadows and shading, folds in clothes, and adding color. All I really do is copy others, but when it comes time to add these things to my own art I fall apart. Also, I don't get the point of starting off with circles. I do better just drawing the whole shape lightly and fixing it. The cicles just make it more confusing. It's sooo hard surfing the net for these particular catigories. Please reply!!

I draw anime style fairly well. A couple of suggestions I would have for you is to find a good online tutorial like or where you can get a grasp on the concepts of art and review the basics over and over.The tutorials may seem very simple but our minds tend to forget these kind of things when we try to draw them.The best advice I can give you is to practice, practice, practice.The more experience you have with the basics the more comfortable you will be with coming up with your own art and developing a unique style.It is good that you can draw by looking from other work but knowing the basics is essential if you want to draw anime style.When you feel like nothing is working just keep practicing over time you will become more skilled.The reason for blocking figures is usfull to know so that you understand the basic shapes that go into fleshing out a drawing of a person.I highly recomend going over anatomy (may not seem usefull but you can gain much understanding of the human body this way.) Ayways keep trying and don't stop practicing! ^_^

a great page to go to to learn how to draw it is:

i learned how to draw anime from there mainly, but another main thing is, ad david said, practice! the site shows how to draw eyes, nose & mouths, hair, clothes, and bodies; and it gives both examples and shows you how to design your own anime art! give it a try!

Hope this was helpful! :)

This is a good site I recomend.It has a wide variety of things you need to know if you want to draw anime style.

just so u know, u don't have to draw anime with spicky hair, just make the eyes big and draw thin hair in the wind and you have an anime! also face can be pointy(chin cheek)