Neuromancer film rumors

by anders pearson Thu 02 Aug 2001 15:17:00


news and rumors about the Chris Cunningham production of Neuromancer. oh please let it be true.

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What be true? The link states "June 1, 2001... Not necessarily any news, but a scooper weighs in on the viability of a film happening at this stage in the game." and goes on to suggest that it will never happen.

Is this good?

Cunningham is an amazing director (if you've seen the video for Björk's 'all is full of love', you'd understand) and is absolutely a perfect choice to direct neuromancer. it's a project that, if done well, could possibly be the coolest movie ever. hence i'm really hoping that what Seven Arts and Cunningham have been saying in interviews is true and the project is actually going forward. pretty much everything in the "scoop" section about it not being made looks like pure speculation.

Ah... now I understand why I was confused. The negative was ignored and the positive embraced. I saw a great Björk movie in which she's a witch. 1997 I think. Sasm

do you know what,s going on this project? chyba bedzie z tego kupa!

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