Fat Chuck's - Corrupt CDs - Einstuerzende Neubauten: Strategies Against Architecture III

by anders pearson Tue 15 Jan 2002 17:24:11


those wacky germans are at it again.

TAGS: music industrial copy protection


i bought this CD last weekend in DC and didn't notice the "This CD is not playable on computers." warning on the back till i was on the train home. it worried me because my primary stereo at home is a high-end DVD player (the kind that usually chokes on copy protected CDs) with my computer and my mp3/cd-player as my other options. i was relieved when i got it home and found that it worked just fine on all of them (cddb even found the info).

it sounds like mute has a good attitude that more record labels would do well to adopt. nice since i like so many of their artists.

and, fwiw, the album is very good. a nice compilation of the stuff off their last couple albums with enough rare and unreleased stuff to keep those of us who have all those albums interested as well. it's worth it for the booklet full of pictures and stories about how they recorded the tracks.

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