the voices of wesley willis

by anders pearson Thu 28 Aug 2003 14:04:23


he died a couple days ago apparently. ‘cut the mullet’ is a fantastic song. “go to your barber and tell him you’re tired of looking like an asshole”. rock over london. rock on chicago.

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Wow, that is a real bummer. He had some really catchy jingles, when my friend Andy and I first heard his albums while DJing at WMHB at Colby College, we weren't sure what to think. But needless to say his sketches and his music were highly entertaining and will be missed. I have a feeling Warren Zevon will not be far behind.

Kellogs Rice Crispies, They're Great.

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Interesting guy.

I don't know a ton about him (other than lyrics to his songs), but my boyfriend got a head-butt from him at a concert.

that's the epitome of cool star sightings/happenings as far as i'm concerned.

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