Animaris Rhinoceros Transport

by anders pearson Tue 28 Sep 2004 15:56:46


watch the video. it’s wind powered.

TAGS: art sculpture wind power


Bah! No access to video (403). It looks cool as hell though.

luckily i had a copy saved:

That's awesome, thanks. Looks like it's made out of cardboard :-)

Thank you thank you thank you thank you Anders!!!

TC, you're twisted. It's nice to see nothing's changed since high school. I was perusing my MSSM Cartulary '96 and thought I'd see who's out there. I looked for Dave Lydon because he was the last guy I saw--at a bar in the Old Port maybe 3 years ago--and up pops you. I'm living in the Tampa area for the past few years with my girlfriend. Get in touch sometime,


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