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by anders pearson Thu 09 Dec 2004 01:34:09


24 years to the day after Lennon’s murder. another reason to hate ohio.

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Sigh. Yes fuck the world. Pantera was my first "favorite" band, the first music I ever really got into. I've always though Dimebag and Vinnie were two of the most awesome guys in metal. Oh well. Fuck the world indeed.

one of the most surreal aspects of this whole thing has been watching CNN anchors discussing the intricacies of Pantera's breakup with the same tone and demeanor that they would use to talk about congressional hearings or trade deficits.

It's all a plug and play formula. You'd think that people were smarter than this... But there's a god-damned reason they're still doing it, and I bet you know what it is. It's the same thing that made you laugh a little to yourself when we were walking around that car show.

i am beside myself. i cannot, truly cannot come up with the words. each day it gets deeper and deeper. the very worst thing i can imagine right now, besides the actual incident, darrell's last moment, and those who were there's memories of the incident is VINNIE!! this was his brother, his band, his fan's, the genre that he and his brohter built and saved from Nirvana and the likes... what will he do... will he ever play again... his brother, his partner, DEAD!!!! AND WHY?????

Just want to say that, while I was fond of Pantera and it is somewhat relieving to see that rockers don't always die from overdoses and self inflicted shotgun wounds, it would be wonderful if this didn't turn into a dimebag tribute site...obviously this is directed at the Billy Henrichs of the world and not the people that generally live at thraxil...

But my god man... His brother! I mean... Come on! I bet Anders is smashing his guitar in outrage... or moping around like the guy on Freeks and Geeks when the drummer from Led Zeplin died. No... I bet he's been painting with bloody hands... just dragging himself down, down, down the canvas ovr and over... clawing at it as if he were posessed by some strange David Lynch spirit, tossing live ants and shit onto that thing... and then shooting the painting dead screaming... "His brother, motherfucker! Pantera, motherfucker!" And then some wild screams. But in all seriousness... it is a sad thing, but not the end of the world. Nothing ever is, even the end of our own perception. And what I want to know is... Do they not padd people down then they enter that nightclub? I alwasy get searched for weapons. Am I being descriminated against?

This guy bypassed security, he didn't go in the front door. Regardless yes this sucks ... more than when many other musicians died ... primarily because of Dimebag's character. He was just a nice guy ... drunk all the time but still completely nice. I've never witnessed even an ounce of malice or angst or arrogance from that man. That's what makes this the worst, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Oh well.

Lots of nice people die all the time, many of them well before their time. I think that if we need to be grieving for people we didn't even know, there are much better places to concentrate the energy...Tibet, the West Bank, Africa, the inner cities...somehow, celebreties (even cool pseudo-celebreties) don't quite make the list...

Actually I don't need to grieve for anyone ... the point is when someone affects you, no matter how direct or indirect, a part of them becomes a part of you and when that person check's out you lose a part of yourself (that often times you never really realized you had). I don't much care about sick or poor people dying ... I don't much care if the people in the next apartment from me die ... I don't even know their names so let them die they don't exist to me. Sucks to be them and I can empathize with being upset that they die for some inane or stupid reason ... but I'm not upset by their particular deaths. They aren't real to me and never will be. However when someone does die who I do know or know of ... that sucks. End of story. This sucks. Death is inevitable but when people die who you know, respect, or iconify, regardless of who they really are, a part of you dies as well. That's what hurts. I looks at these posts not as people saying "Dimebag darrell is dead and the world has lost out now" ... because it's not true ... it's "Dimebag Darrel is dead and I have lost out." This is a forum for friends to share their thoughts and emotions and right now some of us hurt. End of story.

While I see your point, I don't know that I totally agree. Has the effect that "dimebag" had on you diminished since his death? I would think probably not. Has he had much impact on you since his Pantera days? Was he going to impact you more through his Damageplan work? Maybe. But I'm not sure how you've "lost out". I think the people who interacted with him on a day-to-day basis definitely lost out...but aside from that I'm not so sure...

Anyway, that's all beside the point. If you read my previous post, my comments were directed toward the random Googleites that post here, not the "friends" who post here regularly.

So yes. End of story. :-)

Actually that comment was by me ... I just didn't sign it :). I doubt we will get too many people randomly surfing sites so that they can lament about the loss of their rock legend. Seems a little too goth and metalheads ... well aren't. The fact is that no matter if we lose something or not, when someone's gone who wasn't there before we in fact do have a vacancy in our soul ... so to speak. Well at least those of us with the concept of such things. Such things cannot be quantified, only felt ... but truly little else matters to me aside from what I feel and when Dimebag Darrel get's turned into swiss cheese onstage for doing what he has loved to do his whole life ... it affects me and empties me and that hurts. I don't need to quantify the why, I just know the what ... and that's pain.

ah...that makes a bit more sense then...the high Googleite/Thraxilite ratio lately leads me to assume all people who sign with names I don't know (or Anonymously) are stupid Googleites. Plus the fact that this site is #21 on a google search for 'dimebag darrell killed' (w/o the quotes) means it's quite possible that they do come in from google (I'm assuming that's where Billy Heinrich came from...unless that was you too) :-P

i understand where you are coming from bad things happen to good people every day. but these were people alot of us happen to know personaly, on differrent levels. dime and vinnie were very good customers of mine at a casino. they always treated us with utmost respect.and very, very generous. they touched alot of lives on a personal level. that is why we are all so very upset about what happened. i guess my reply to you is that alot of people did know them personally. and they are just as deserving as tibet, west bank, africa, inner city. they were human just like all of us. none more important or deserving in a time of grief.

We lost a fuckin god this sux big balls! We will never forget you.your with steve now.Ill miss you and so will all of your other friends and loved ones. See ya at the cross roads!

fuck this world....cuz it doent desrve nothing else..u kill away the icons....the gods of music...u kill the soul of this world...u killed FUCK U! pantera was religion to every1 and it was something tht i lived for...all i can do is mourn now...n thts all any1 can do.

why him who s been honest?

dimebag darrel was the ultimate guitarist he will be sadly missed my millions and the 9th of december will never clear from my head and i will have a small moments silence on that same day thought out my life

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