candy cthulhu

by anders pearson Sun 17 Apr 2005 14:54:06

new painting

TAGS: art painting


the photo is terrible as usual.

what amuses me about this one is that up close it looks like crap. just semi random blobs of pink and purple and other "girly" colors. but if you stand back a few feet, it takes on this disturbing, glistening quality like slimy internal organs or cthulhu's tentacles.

i don't usually work with acrylics, but this was a nice change. not being able to mix or blend paint directly on the canvas was frustrating, but i compensated by doing lots of glazes (thin watered down translucent layers of paint bult on top of each other) so it became a fun exercise in a technique i don't use very often.

were you inspired by the meat paintings? someday, we have to track down a copy of versalius' work and find a way to check it out.

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