day without art

by anders pearson Fri 01 Dec 2000 07:44:44

day without art web action


I was pulled over by the beijing prostitution, narcotics, and gambling investigation branch of the PLA three days ago. They had uzi's, they were gonna search me. They thought Rosey was a hooker till she spoke some english. Then like the force or some shit they wove us on. Good thing too. If they only checked my left jacket pocket. Thats nearly twice. Damn.

dammit kam, were you wearin your pimp hat again?

honestly, what do you expect to happen when you go out dressed in velvet pants and gold jewelry with Rosey wearing one of those leopard-print miniskirts of hers and stiletto heels? of course the vice squad's gonna come down on your asses. jesus.

didn't i teach you that one of the most important qualities that you needed to have to run a prostitution ring was the ability to keep it low-key and on the DL? i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here that you do have the head of the local vice squad on your payroll, right? right?

if you get busted again, i'll have to break a few bones just for tarnishing the reputation of Anders' School of Pimpin.

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