by anders pearson Mon 11 Dec 2000 08:28:45

i finally made up a little FAQ for this site. i should really be sedated.


just talk to me on the phone for a bit, and the black cars and white plumbing vans will follow you everywhere. I'm positive the secret service has been bugging me for a while now...i keep hearing this clicking sound when I'm on the phone...

they frightened of what I know.

Other than that, it's a good faq anders...answered most of the questions I had. just didn't answer why you are so damn sexy :)

FAQ too cool. . . you have the sketch for a fantastic novel there. when are you going to write it? or maybe, all you wizards should write it as a joint ( :-) ) project...
i am so absolutely thrilled to know all you people!!

what's with the renegade capital letters??

what, mine? ok faq... izzat better?

also, anders, i love that when you go back from a comment you end up on the same spot on the page you left from. yes, sir!

nonono - i meant anders's capital letters in the faq headers itself. ie sometimes he captializes the beginnings of sentences, other times not. "i" isn't capitalized at all, but "and" is (at the top).

mostly i was just poking fun. capitalize away if it strikes your fancy :)

i've been writing too much technical documentation at work lately. for stuff that's supposed to look all professional, i try to actually capitalize things properly. otherwise, i prefer to stick to lower-case as much as possible since i type a lot and hitting the shift key with my pinky every two seconds just puts me that much closer to carpal tunnel; and, as a programmer, if i get carpal tunnel, i'm fucked.

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remember info?