by anders pearson Tue 11 Sep 2001 06:51:41

New York, Washington Rocked by Apparent Terrorist Attacks; World Trade Center Tower Collapses.

<p>damn. i just saw the pentagon for the first time a few weeks ago. </p>

<p>for anyone who is worried, no, i wasn&#8217;t downtown this morning. the phones are pretty much all tied up.</p>


get online damnit

I am watching CNN...
Hope you're well!!!
They speak of evacuating manhatten, but I think that's not true.
Watching CNN again...

they couldn't evacuate manhattan if they wanted to. getting in or out of the city is pretty much impossible at the moment.

this is exactly why the nuclear missile defense program is such a waste of money. how would it have prevented this?

my main worry right now is that lani's mom is a flight attendant; flying out of DC. i can't remember what airline she works for and i haven't been able to get through to lani yet.

i'm really impressed that while the phone networks are down, email, icq, and the web are all working fine. i guess there's really something to be said for distributed communication networks after all. DARPA did a good job with that one.

I just caught on to all this madness...and am glad to see you're still alive. my dad always told me city life was dangerous, hehe, but i never really thought of it this way.

I think I just changed my masters major to security studies.

there are F-16's circling the city.

they evacuated only the south of manhatten they said at TV... all german TVs have only news today! No movies, no nothing... Only "AttackOnUSA"!
The financial markets are going crazy... people buy Gold...
Insurance companies stocks are going down.
Looks like a big crisis!
Even Oil prices are going up! Fuel becomes expensive tomorrow. etc.

That your Internetsite is fantastic, so far!
Other sites are down...don't know if it depends on Newyork, but I can't reach for example... is/was this webpage in NYC?

anders...glad you are safe. i hope everyone you know gets out of that mess in one piece.

i just need to hope they don't shoot down anything over DC that will end up on my head.

what a day. i wonder if this is the start of wwIII.

be safe folks.

this machine is on the campus of columbia which is up at 114th st. fairly far from the WTC.

i'm hearing rumours about people on the street attacking muslims (emile says this has happened in portland maine). our webmaster is a muslim woman. we're planning on escorting her home tonight to make sure she's safe from stupid people who don't know how to channel their anger.

anyone see The Seige?

I fear the future of the world at this moment. I hope no terrorists live near me because I'm willing to be the U.S. will be on a bomb first ... ask que... no just bomb some more later sort of policy when it comes to terrorists ... and innocent bystanders will just be casualties (just like the thousands in NYC). They might call this a war when its over ... but it's going to be a pretty bloody next few weeks on the face of this planet. If the U.S. war machine fully mobilizes (280 million terrified americans + republican administration = you figure it out) then their god better have mercy on their souls because a tomahawk cruise missle certainly wont.

Remember in all those terrible terrorist movies where they manage to avert disaster. Well F16's have shot down 767's on this day ... so I guess the movies are in this case less violent than reality. Man ... I fear for tomorrow.

it's weird how here, just a few miles uptown, everything is perfectly normal. the sun is out; you can't see any smoke. people are walking around taking care of business like nothing happened.

Kurtis, have civilian aircraft really been shot down by national forces? The part that scares me the most about any anti-american act is the potential for a police state and the repression/'neutralization' of any non-patriotic... things. The fact that loved ones could die in such an act is no matter because we die in all manners of stupid, largely unpredictible ways anyway.

I wonder what LAFB is up to today, anyway.

"Anyway" is a word that needs to be suspended from my vocabulary.

here's a mantra for the next few weeks as the government reacts:

i would rather be FREE than SAFE.

Due to time difference, it's night in Europe, now!
I'll go to bed, but hope to see the world tomorrow morning!
Pictures at TV are unbelievable.
There are lots of people that can't be home the next night in their Manhatten apartments... they'll sleep in school, they say at CNN, and MS NBC, and all the german TV stations.
Can you believe, that 90% of all german TV stations had only one topic, and still only have this topic?
You probably see all the news by yourself...
My father was going to USA today. His plane went over Iceland, and he is now in Reykjavik, and will come back home tomorrow, because noone can go to USA for at least until tomorrow noon they say at TV.
So, please everyone take care!
bye! read you tomorrow

jello biafra?

ok, i finally got through to lani. she's ok and her mom wasn't working today. yay.

anders, i really like your mantra. i'll remember it. most of my friends will remember it, but the media and the government won't.

but i'm just a cynic...and this was just an incredibly awful event in recent human history.

I can't verify that Erik. But the 'facts' are thus. F16's were following a hijaked plane at approximately 10:00AM. Then news people ask for an update at 10:30 and the government has a terse response ... the plane is on the ground, everyone on it is dead, we won't say where. It was my assumption that the f16's took it down before it crashed into another building or the government took the plane down in some manner. Yes ... that dreaded moment where a few must die to save the many idea that is very cold but true even though the movies try and make it seem like if we try hard enough everyone can survive.

They had get to know about the fact that THIS plane was hijacked, because a passenger called 911 with his cellphone, they said at the news! Perhaps the sitution in THAT plane was so confused, that it crashed while the pilots where changed to terrorists....flying so low to be under radar it is probably easier to crash.
There's no evidence for the shoot-up theory.

The last time anything this bad happened to America we unleashed nuclear weapons on our enemies and irrevocably changed the world. This time the decision wont be so clear cut as there is no country to blame, but depending on how Bush handles this (and I can only assume the worse when it comes to that idiot) ... the next few weeks might end up many times worse than today ... for those terrorists anyhow and possibly for all mankind (depending on just how stupid George is).

American society will demand revenge for this ... and when you have the most devestational capacity per capita than anyone else in the world ... your vengence need not know any limits.

MAD ... no matter what happened there never will be any evidence of the shoot up theory. But I honestly don't care. If I was flying one of the f16's and saw this giant plane heading toward a civilian target and threating the lives of thousands ... specially after seeing two world trade centers fall over ... you better fucking believe I would cut that plane out of the sky. Its an unfortunate sacrifice ...

However there is an Air Force Captain here that actually says he believes that the pilots themselves would throw the plane into an unrecoverable dive if he was being hijaked and knew about the intentions of the hijakers (to crash into a building and kill them all anyways) ... but in any case the plane was hijaked and flying ... and now its burning rubble.

i fear that the opinions of "rational" people like us who know that retaliation will probably do more harm than good are in the minority if you consider most of the US. the american people are terrified and angry; if the government can find someone to pin the blame on (however weak the evidence) and go bomb them back to the stone-age, it will make most americans feel safer and better about themselves.

(sure enough, as i write this emile tells me that somebody is bombing afghanistan)

Thanks for posting that you are all right, anders; it did cross my mind. And that Lani's mother is safe as well. In Boston they evacuated the high rise buildings and sent everyone home. The train station was an orderly crammed confusion of people waiting for the next train. One of the few passengers going into town with me works for Greyhound; they asked him to come in to answer the phone about passengers into NYC on Greyhound -- but Gr. doesn't keep passenger lists. No Amtrak trains to NYC; no busses; no planes anywhere, of course. Classes cancelled. Raim's school said they were going to try to continue as usual, but cancelled classes and have held three meetings this afternoon alone. There's no such thing as normal.

Take care, everybody.
Love -- really --

My thoughts and best wishes are with you all. I just heard about it... I don't know what to think or say. Some sort of numbe shock. It is hard enough to get info online from the US, everything is very laggy. I can imagine why. I'd pray if I knew how.

Ok, the plane that crashed near Pittsburg crashed in a large field that just coincidentally happens to be near an air force base. We pretty much think it got blown out of the sky around here. In addition, earlier they kept talking about a second missing plane they believed was heading toward Washington, but suddenly all talk of that disappeared. Anyone know what happened to it?

They think the shit blowing up in Afganistan is the fanatics taking an excuse to liven up their civil war a little.

And finally, even if the guy didn't actually have anything to do with this, if they can't find anyone else to pin it on, bin Ladin is a fucking dead man. This administration and our country will NOT rest until their death count exceeds ours.

blah, keep up. the pittsburg plane was seen by eye witnesses swerving back and forth before impacting. "eye witnesses" so ill discredit that plane being shot down. the 5th plane went down in an undisclosed location as per the bbc. the camp david plane may have been shot. the black boxes will reveal truths. am afghanistan opposition group has claimed responsibility for the bombings there, as per cnn.
how come everyone assumes theyre middle eastern anyway? how come it cant be ze Germans or the swiss? or canadians? or americans?

Well, honestly, after watching a shitload of conspiracy movies, my first thought was that Bush or his people cooked this whole thing up to promote their missle defense stuff, and to increase sympathy for America in foreign nations.

My second theory was a group of terminally ill pilots. Whoever it was, this has been in the planning stage for a long time now.

My thoughts go out to immigrants and internationals living within the United States right now. Hell anyone with slightly browned skin and a bit of an accent.

BTW, I heard on CNN that the person who called from the bathroom of one downed plane reported that the hijackers were armed only with melee weapons, such as knives, etc.

Oh, and FDR says "This is a day that will go down in infamy". Bush says "We're gonna hunt down and punish the folks that did this."

I knew I knew someone else in the city. Not that I figured you'd have much reason to be wandering around on the south end at 8:00 in the morning, but one never knows.

In other recent news, our dumbfuck president just gave a national address where he openly said he had no intention of distinguishing between those behind the attacks and those who might be harbouring them. And earlier today when questioned about the possibility of using nuclear weapons as retaliation, the response was that nothing was being discounted as a possibility.


At least the Canadian border isn't fully closed yet -- just in case it will be of use in the semi-near future.

No matter how tight our defense you will never be able to stop terrorists that are willing to die to kill others.  The travesty of what is to come lies now in the families of all the innocents the US is sure to lay waste to seeking its vengence ... but the precedent must also be made.  Just because other countries tolerate terrorism (even if it is terrorism induced by us) ... doesn't mean we must.  <br />
Today thousands (tens of thousands) of innocent people died.  I know America will not tolerate it.  I know it is just blind vengence, and I know it really isn't fair because we can retaliate whereas all the countries we do this to cannot ... but that doesn't mean we shouldn't.  When America's sense of liberty and safety is threatened there is no limit to what it will do.  Who can forget that we knowingly dropped nuclear weapons on tens of thousands of innocent people ... non military targets.  It was terrible and savage ... but it ended WWII and our sense of liberty and safety was restored (and arguably many more lives were saved then lost).  Whatever happens in the next few weeks/months will surely be savage and cruel and terrible ... let us only hope it can put the same definitive end to terrorism as we did war in WWII.<br />
And its not right, and its not fair, but it's what is going to happen.  We have a dumb fuck president, a republican administration, by and far the most devestating military on the planet, and 260 million americans who are going to sleep tonight wondering if their home will be next.  Many more people are going to die ... and right or wrong has nothing to do with it.<br />

In all of the press releases so far I've pretty much heard "bin Laden is guilty, and we're gonna blow the shit out of Afganistan 'cause he lives there." That scares me.

i especially feel bad because of afghanistan's condolences. not that i havent wanted the taliban taken out of power for a long time. i just dont want random people to die.

"i just dont want random people to die" -- right you are, emile

there is serious disconnect going on in my head right now. am I alone in this?

here's a good comment on kuro5hin.

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