wayne krantz

by anders pearson Fri 07 Dec 2001 00:36:57

followed gordie and dave downtown to 55 bar to see wayne krantz play. his music would probably be best described as ‘21st century jazz’. basically, he’s a phenomenal jazz guitarist who knows how to take full advantage of effects processors. overall, despite having a fill-in drummer for the night, the band was very tight. wayne and his bassist have obviously played together a lot and can improvise together effortlessly. there were a few moments during the improvisational parts of the show where wayne was obviously reaching for it; this was pretty forgivable since his technique seemed to involve a lot of reaching down, randomly turning knobs on his effects pedals then seeing what kind of sound it makes and figuring out how to incorporate it with the rest of the music. when i got home, i immediately bought one of his CDs. he apparently plays in the city more or less every week. i’ll probably have to go back again.

<p>decent beer, good seats, and excellent music.</p>
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