ice cream turkeys and robo-pimps

by anders pearson Mon 02 Dec 2002 00:49:54

well, we did it.

lani and i's thanksgiving turkey was cooler than anyone else's. ours was made out of ice cream.

a quart of chocalate (for the dark meat), a quart of vanilla (for the white meat), Drumsticks for... drumsticks, M&M's and peanuts for stuffing, and a skin of chocolate Magic Shell and Caramel sauce.

it came out better than we ever dreamed. it was pretty much turkey sized and very much turkey shaped. lani even knew how to make the little paper hat things for the feet so it had those too.

we were awfully tempted to just make that our entire thanksgiving dinner. in the end though, we couldn't resist taking our turkey over to Omar's apartment and sharing the love. there we had tons of good food to go with our bird.

on friday, prasanth came over again and we all partook of beer, pizza, and video games.

saturday afternoon lani headed off to maine. prasanth and i got together with scott and watched the new Bond movie (all in all, not too bad). then we went and played a few rounds of pool and were joined by Don Hopkins. he's working on a project with us at CCNMTL and Columbia had flown him in for the week for some initial meetings. after we played some pool and had some drinks, we wandered the streets for a bit looking for somewhere to go that was still open at midnight. not much luck there. we wanted to go somewhere to just have a nice conversation but pretty much everything was closed except loud bars and clubs. eventually we all just ended up going back to my apartment and playing video games till 4am.

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