shave and a haircut

by anders pearson Mon 09 Dec 2002 13:39:43

prasanth was hanging out at my apartment again this weekend. less video games this time and more movies (Amélie, Mulholland Dr., Goldeneye, State and Main, and bits of some others).

he mentioned that he needed to get a haircut. i responded with my usual 'i have clippers in my bathroom' offer which i make (with an evil grin) to anyone who mentions needing a haircut within earshot of me. prasanth actually agreed to let me cut his hair though. i didn't really know how to react. i never expected that anyone would actually take me up on that one.

30 minutes later i had a sink full of hair and santh's head was a little less insulated. it came out pretty good too. though really, it's pretty hard to fuck up a haircut with clippers. just set them on 1/2" and make a few passes. then set it closer to touch up around the back of the neck and use some scissors to trim around the ears.

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