virginia makes me sick

by anders pearson Mon 16 Dec 2002 12:40:02

apparently it does. another weekend in DC, another day spent throwing up in virginia. this time out the window of a car driving down the highway. and this time it wasn't because of a hangover.

i've always been somewhat prone to motion sickness. when i was little and the family would go on trips, it wasn't an uncommon occurrence for us to have to pull over because i'd been trying to read in the car and suddenly felt the need to empty the contents of my stomach.

i think being tired aggravates it. almost every morning that i wake up before noon, i get really nauseous. usually though, i'm just sitting still at my computer so it passes after a bit. the morning nausea was one of my biggest annoyances during my brief perios of living in brooklyn; i'd have to get up really early to catch the subway in. by the end of the subway ride, i'd always be exerting the full force of my will to keep from chucking (throwing up in a crowded nyc subway is a very impolite thing to do). being woken up early and then put in a car in stop and go virginia traffic was just too much for me.

the rest of the weekend, when i wasn't spewing on the highway was ok. we got lani and kim more or less moved to their new apartment. went to lani's office christmas party and escaped with most of our sanity. on sunday we went to Eastern Market and had crabcake sandwiches and birch beer.

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