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Well, I've been looking for a similar solution. I to settled on Yammi, however, I cannot seem to get it to scan my entire collection at once or it completely locks up my computer. No, I don't mean it hangs - it locks up the whole PC and forces me to power cycle it. I've got a little over 150Gb of music in 22,000 tracks. Yammi works fine if I scan one directory (artist) at a time. It stores everything in xml files, so its pretty quick.

Now, my collection is on an external 300Gb drive accessed through a USB 2.0 port. When using Yammi on a 2.8Ghz P4 with 1Gb RAM, it takes it about 2 minutes to lock up the computer. On my P3, 384Mb laptop, its takes about 20 seconds. Is it trying to load all this data into memory before writing it? If so, I can't imagine this working for anyone with large collections unless you manually scan a directory at a time like I'm doing.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

it sounds much more like a problem with the USB/scsi stuff, possibly with the drive itself. i've had issues with firewire drives locking up machines in a similar way. without very careful tuning of the kernel, external drives seem prone to locking up under heavy use. some drives seem more reliable than others. i have two external firewire drives; one holding my music collection and one holding backups. the one with my music is pretty robust, but the one with backups gives me nothing but problems if i try to use it too heavily. it may be incompatibilities with the drive's firmware or it may be that the drive is slightly broken or i just may not have found the right magic kernel configuration yet. at any rate, yammi has no problem indexing the music on my external drive and my collection is pretty similar to yours in size and i only have 512MB of RAM.

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