python meetup

by anders pearson Sat 10 Jan 2004 03:56:42

went to the new york python meetup last night. it was pretty good. plenty of smart people.

one guy there was a developer on stackless python and twisted so we got a pretty good overview of what's going on with those projects. other topics of conversation included psyco, openMosix, Numeric, inferno, and the trials and tribulations of porting C code between architectures (to OS X in particular).

other random observations: all 6 people who showed up were employed (it seems uncommon; every other programmer gathering i've been to lately has always been half unemployed people hoping to make a contact to find a job). none of us were windows users; all Linux or OS X users (and all of us owned at least one piece of Apple hardware, whether it ran OS X or not). i didn't ask, but based on the conversations about type inference mechanisms, closures, continuations, compiler and runtime optimizations for dynamic languages, and methods of proving program correctness, i'd guess that everyone there had at least some formal CS background.

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