Reply to: friends don't let friends use IE

Whoo hoo I just installed Mozilla Firefox and have to say I like it very much. It has a different feel, for sure. I'm not quite used to downloading files yet, but I like how easy it has been to get Quicktime and Flash running as far as plugins go. Also tabbed windows are good. Also you can select a URL that appears as text in a webpage (not as a hyperlink, but just select the text), and drag it to the top of the Firefox window and it will open the URL. That's something I always thought a web browser should do. On top of that I have a G-Mail account (the last E-Mail address I'll ever need) (but what about privacy and security!?) (go compile a kernel, you dweeb) (awww)

In any case where I would normally just pass this over as another attempt at weening people off of Microsoft because they are Evil, I have changed my mind and endorse this browser! It feels like it is ahead of I.E.

if you're using firefox and gmail, you might want to check out the "GMailCompose": extension. you can right click on a mailto: link and it'll give you the option of going straight to a gmail compose screen.

i've got a gmail account too. don't really use it for much yet. i set up procmail to forward a copy of everything that comes to my regular address to the gmail account so it's basically just a big online archive.

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