NNTP syndication test

by anders pearson Tue 27 Jul 2004 23:52:33

as wonderful as RSS and Atom feeds are, there are some basic questions about its scalability that are becoming increasingly pressing as aggregators become more popular. one of the proposed solutions is to build on top of a protocol that fits the syndication model better than HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). one called NNTP(Network News Transport Protocol) already exists and is in widespread use as the foundation for network newsgroups. its scalability is proven (if it can support the whole alt.binaries.* hierarchy, weblog feeds should be nothing) and there are plenty of battle-tested server implementations and client libraries already written. there's been a lot of talk about building some sort of RSS -> NNTP bridge, but not much action.

now it looks like Dan Lyke at flutterby has something up his sleeve

anyway. i've modified thraxil's templates to support his test schema, so once i get it registered, you should be able to read thraxil in gnus or trn or whatever you use for reading newsgroups.

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but what about gopher?

...and is there any way to make my login more persistant?

hmmm, no longer does login == my name on things.

Yeah...I don't like the fact that anyone can post comments using my name (the ability to remember my info makes the login issue less annoying)

whoa this is totally over my head.

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