by anders pearson Tue 15 Feb 2005 00:43:38

i guess i should mention that music (for robots) didn't win the PLUG award. Pitchfork Media beat us :(

we weren't really surprised. after all, pitchfork (and the other sites nominated) actually have things like... a staff... and a budget. mfr has a free copy of MT, some donated bandwidth, and the spare time of a couple music geeks. seriously, we were incredibly surprised and honored just to be nominated for the same award. hell, we were nominated for an award on the same page as artists like Tom Waits and Nick Cave. Nick Cave was nominated for a PLUG award and lost too! company doesn't get much better than that.

we did get free VIP passes to the PLUG awards ceremony in new york last week which was pretty cool. much cooler than the grammies. i have pictures up (including our celebratory pre-awards dinner at our favorite japanese place). we didn't really meet anyone famous (Christina Ricci's on the PLUG advisory board so i had my hopes up), but getting to watch from the VIP lounge as Dillinger Escape Plan terrified a hall full of hipsters was pretty sweet. (go see DEP if you ever get a chance. they were nominated for the 'live act of the year' award for good reason)

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Well, you can walk away from those awards knowing that mfr isn't staffed by pretentious assholes, like pitchfork is.

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