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by anders pearson Sat 02 Apr 2005 14:02:33

some background for those who either don't know jesse andersson or don't know what he's been up to lately:

jesse is an old high school friend of many of us. he has a strange and wonderful mind. for the last couple years, he's been working as a trucker. driving back and forth across the country by himself with no one to talk to. lately, he's taken to using his free nights and weekend minutes and leaving long messages on Venice's voicemail just rambling on about whatever's on his mind while he drives. she played some for me that she'd saved and they're hilarious. i decided that i would be doing the world a disservice if i didn't figure out some way to share.

luckily this whole "podcasting" thing's been sweeping the blogging world lately and, while i've never had much interest in it, i realized that it's ideal for jesse. so we took the liberty of creating a blogspot blog and an account for jesse and gave him the info. they have a feature where you can just call a number and leave a message and it turns it into an mp3 and posts it to a blog for you. so now he can post from the road with his cellphone and the whole world can share the amusement.

the site we setup is

(he has a "troll" character and voice that he's been working on. apparently it's part of some scheme of eventually recording an audiobook or something. you'll need to know that to make any sense of the first post and why he's speaking with a british accent.)

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that's an awesome idea!

matti, are you out there? email me. i'd like to see some of those new year's pictures i wasn't there for last time around :)

for whatever reason my name doesn't show up as a mailto: link even though i enter my email address in the appropriate field (is this on purpose, anders?), so in case you don't know my email address already, please direct your response to hmascianica at gmail dot com.

yeah, it's on purpose and for your protection. email addresses don't show up so spambots can't scrape them.

thanks for sharing...

that's awesome...

Way to go, Jesse!!! Thank you Venice and Anders! Yee-hah!

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