plone work

by anders pearson Thu 14 Apr 2005 21:44:08

i've been kind of busy in the world of plone lately.

one project that i contributed to is out now: Wicked, "wiki with no wiki aftertaste". it's pretty cool but might not make much sense to you unless you're already immersed in plone development.

another one that my coworker, Jonah, and i are building is PloneStickies. it's not really release ready yet, but should be soon. it basically implements "sticky notes" ("post-its" is trademarked) for plone. Jonah's doing most of the actual plone part and i've been concentrating on the frontend javascript and CSS part. as a taste of what's to come, here's my stickies test page which has the latest version of the frontend stuff which will hopefully make it into the upcoming PloneStickies release.

i'm rather proud of that bit of code. it's fast, robust, full-featured, fairly clean and it even works in IE i'm told. i'm trying to keep it general enough that at least parts of it will be useful outside Plone.

TAGS: programming python javascript plone


FYI, works fine even in IE 5.0

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