second time's the charm

by anders pearson Mon 21 Nov 2005 23:54:49

for the second year in a row, music for robots has been nominated for a PLUG award under the "Music Website Of The Year" category.

last year, pitchfork beat us but i think we have a really good chance of winning this year. since last year, we've been on MTV, put out a compilation album, organized some good shows (including our CD release party), had a glowing writeup in the new york times, Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie plugged us in Wired, and we've been kicking all kinds of ass with the quality of posts there.

so go vote for us and tell all your friends to vote for us. also vote for Jesu as metal album of the year even though i wouldn't really call it metal. as i said last year, we consider it an amazing honor just to be mentioned on the same page as all these great artists. being nominated on the same page as Jesu for me is particularly wonderful.

at the very least, i would like to see mfr kick the pants of myspace (who were recently bought for $580 million dollars by Rupert Murdoch. i have long hated Fox, but now it's personal.

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at the award show you should all dress like giant transformers or Evas with oversized ear modules and speak through synthetic voices. the only problem would be fitting in your seats.

once you start winning every year, it will be time to make it more of a production. this year robot suits. next year robot suits with a flying cable entrance. people will vote for you religiously at that point, and then Rupert Murdoch will buy you for half-a-billion dollars. once funded properly, it will be time to start the real show: flame thrower arm modules, helicopter hats, and eventually fully autonomous cyborg representatives of MFR will go on stage for you. once they start self-replicating (be sure to program lots of horniness), they'll begin to fulfill the real purpose of their existence: to systematically infiltrate and begin a take-over of Fox.

really cool to be even nominated, but yeah, with the media attention MFR has had this year, you could definitely win, which would rank up there with coolest things ever. well done.

the Jesu album is great, and i guess i'd have to say that it is metal. definitely doom, of some sort.

Congrats on the nomination. You folks run a great site. I hope you win.

Lastly, I think tuck needs to be the PR guy for MFR.

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