Dispatch van Utrecht 2: The Office

by anders pearson Tue 30 Dec 2014 15:34:05

2014's almost over, I've been living in Utrecht for about five months now (minus my travelling all over the place), time for a small update.

It took until well into September for our shipping container of belongings to make it across the Atlantic and get delivered. Up to that point, my office setup looked like this:

My temporary office setup, waiting for my stuff.

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Just my laptop on a basic IKEA desk. The rest of the room empty and barren.

Now it looks like this:

desk setup

Same desk, but I've got my nice Humanscale Freedom chair, my monitor mounts, and a couple rugs.

The other half of the room is now my art and music studio:

studio setup

Phoenix got me an easel for Christmas (as a not so subtle hint that I should do more larger pieces), and I set up another basic IKEA table for my guitar and recording gear. Clearly I still need to work out some cable management issues, but otherwise, it's quite functional.

Finally, behind my left shoulder when I'm at my desk is a little fireplace type thing that is currently serving as the closest thing I have to shelves in the office, so it's got some trinkets and my collection of essential programming books:


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