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cellophane ( P ) Pronunciation Key (sl-fn)

<p>n. </p>

<p>A thin, flexible, transparent cellulose material made from wood pulp and used as a moistureproof wrapping</p>
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Another boring day...

Lyric of the day: “We’re either dead or dying; Dead or trying to go” ~ Matthew Good Band

I really enjoy Matthew Good Band, I enjoy their lyrics, especially the old stuff. They seem to take the pain of life and mold it into a song. All their lyrics are entirely true, well for me anyway. But like how many people live in the drug capitol of North America (not many)

The ratio for my town that deals with how many people do drugs (in my town only) is like 9 in every 10 people. That&#8217;s alot! And one look at my school makes it completely true.

I personally aren&#8217;t into that stuff, but don&#8217;t get me wrong, I&#8217;m not going to start lecturing every person who says they do drugs. I mean like it&#8217;s your life, abuse it the way you want to. Like they always say: Life is to short to waste it.


Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity: the speed at which a body must travel to escape the gravitational pull of another body. (Just if you were wondering what it meant)

I got that out of a book. The book wasn’t good, i just liked that quote. :) I’m bored, as i usually tend to be! That’s part of the reason i signed up to this, is because I’m bored. And also my friend signed up as well, her username is ‘enigmatic_entity’ check her out. She’s kinda out there, yes i know, but she’s cool. She also likes to use bigs words don’t mind that. Well I’m out! If others, who are out there, who are bored, and want to chat contact me at

<p>Ciao ;)</p>
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