directions to jere's

by jere Thu 27 Dec 2001 09:00:59

for those of you who don’t quite remember:

<p>***by train: from South Station in Boston, take the Franklin/Forge Park line (sometimes also they tack I-495 into the name).  Norfolk is the third from the last stop (yeah, yeah, trying to count from the end is harder than from the beginning, but there I can&#8217;t help you because I&#8217;ve always got my nose buried in a book and they don&#8217;t always stop at all the stations).</p>

<p>***by car: **from 495-South. Exit 17, left at the exit ramp light. Counting immediately from that light, go through the next 3 lights and turn left at the 4th (Beaver St.). Continue straight at all intersections, until you come to a bunch of Y-intersections and you <strong>have</strong> to make a turning decision &#8212; left.  Continue straight on this road, which brings you into Norfolk at a 4-way stop (Town Common, church, gas station). Keep going straight about the length of a football field, I am in the apartment at the far (east) end of the white house across the street from the police/fire station.</p>

<p>**from I-95-North: exit 7B (Route 140/Foxboro), Right at the exit ramp, this is 140. Stay on 140 through Foxboro center (there&#8217;s a wonderful rotary in store for you), until about three miles outside of town, turn right onto Route 115 (after you pass under a train trestle). Stay on Route 115 until you get to the 4-way stop at Norfolk center (Town Common, left; Church, right). Turn right, and I&#8217;m in the&#8230; across from police/fire station (see above).</p>

<p>**from 95-South: take Route 1 South exit (don&#8217;t remember the #).  Continue on Route 1 until you get just past the Stadium. TAke a right where, I believe, the sign says Route 115, or maybe Pine St., but at any rate &#8220;Norfolk&#8221; (you just passed the Endzone Motel, and the Lafayette House restaurant is one your right).  This is a little access road that leads you to Route 115. Take a right. Continue along as above (95-South).</p>

<p>Did I forget anything?  Well, planes, I guess: get from Logan Airport to South Station &#8212; shuttle bus to blue line, transfer to red line at Downtown Crossing, going toward Ashmont or Braintree; it&#8217;ll be the next stop.</p>

<p>If you&#8217;re on foot, or in a hot-air balloon, or on horseback, you&#8217;re looking for adventure and can figure it out from the above directions yourself.</p>


<p>I look forward to seeing you!!! Could you give me some idea of when you might be arriving, so I&#8217;ll have enough food?<cite>?  Any requests</cite></p>

<p>Love, mwaa-ha-ha</p>


Happy New Year everyone! I hope every had safe and hassle free traveling over the holiday season.

Happy New Years everyone.... in the next couple of minutes... just heading out. But I missed my flight to Jere's.

i'll probably be coming in tomorrow (sunday), late afternoon or evening. is anyone else going to be there yet?

i think most people are arriving on monday - think you can sit tight till then, anders?

i'm still planning on coming, if that's ok? but i won't be there until about 10pm on Monday night.

that is juuust fine

oops! errata correction. If coming from the airport, you take the blue line to government center, transfer there to the orange line, and then at park street to the red line....

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