by lani Mon 29 Jul 2002 14:42:00

so i finally snuck in a successful suggestion to barcode our inventory in the lab. the boss has given it the ok. i’m so exited, but also worried because if i don’t pick a system that will really be convenient for everyone, it might not get used. i figure we’ll barcode at least the chemicals and supplies.

<p>i keep eyeing the $1500 distance scanners with IR beam capabilities, but i think that might be a bit excessive.  but think of all the fun!  we could put the lauryl sulfate on the top shelf, step down (if you&#8217;re my height), shoot the barcodes of the bottle and the shelf it&#8217;s on, and then IR the information back to a computer.  it would be great.  <strong>sigh</strong></p>

<p>so anyone with any barcoding fantasies they would like me to try and bring to life, please share.</p>


you could put barcodes on all the interns' name tags, then you wouldn't ever have to worry about not remembering. you just have to shoot them with the laser scanner. maybe you could make them wear their nametags on their foreheads too, to make it exciting by involving the possibility of blindness.

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