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by lani Tue 05 Oct 2004 20:49:47

anders knows that i have a rant involving the ivy league. and i'm not saying that they're not excellent institutions with excellent funding...but there are other excellent institutions that aren't ivy league general rant was that to most people, the ivy league is an undefined higher entity of god, happiness, love, and airplane peanuts. i promise you that if you poll random people on the street or even students, not many people will be able to name more than Harvard...poor Cornell...the forgotten ivy. i have asked ivy leaguers themselves who have come up with different answers. of course, some people do know all of them, but they're usually ivy jumpers.

i see it as an interesting illustration of social hierarchy. and i know most of you don't live in the middle of the country, like i do...but i bet that i can find a student who hasn't heard of the ivy league. ok, so i'm going to spend the next couple days polling and will report back to you.

here's what i'm suggesting for the poll.

information: age, gender, education, hometown/region/nomad.

questions: have you heard of the ivy league? how many are there? name as many as you can. are you attending or have you ever attended an ivy league school?

i think i should exclude people under 15. any suggestions on the poll?

also, it might be fun to try it on thraxil. you can post anonymously if you want and we'll see what we get. no cheating and looking it up on the internet though because that wouldn't be any fun.

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21/M/B.S. Endicott, NY

Yes. 7 (I think)

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Penn

No. (Although my fiancee is from Cornell, and I went to the school on the other side of town)

25/M/BA Jensen Beach, FL

Ivy League has 8 schools, but its just an athletic conference.

Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Penn, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell

Should be noted that Johns Hopkins was invited to join and declined.

Currently Attending, will probably continue attending.

There are equally good schools that are not in the league. Stanford, Duke, MIT, CalTech, Cal, Northwestern, Wash U. to name a few, and nowadays when it counts, they get pretty equal treatment.

25/M/no degree

I know the answers because I just read them above ... lol ... but my honest answer would have been Dartmouth, Harvard, and Yale. It should also be noted that my poorly disguised disdain for society probably has something to do with my lack of interest in ivy league schools. To many people who play the socialized games of power, these things do matter quite a bit.

And as far as I know, you can't smoke it ... so what's the point?


There are 8: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell,and Penn. They're sometimes referred to as the ancient 8.

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