Damn you MCI, damn you!

by Luke Shorty Wed 22 Jan 2003 11:00:34

Morning one and all!

<p>So this morning I called up <span class="caps">MCI</span> and tried to change a thing or two on my phone plan. The funny thing was, I was on a rotary phone. There seems to be no more rotary support with <span class="caps">MCI</span> any more as all of their support numbers are TouchTone Menu only with no Operator support. So I was wondering if anyone was aware of a decent schematic for a touchtone box, where all I would have to do is hold the box up to the reciever and push a button?</p>

<p>Also, I would like to say that I have been enjoy your sketches very much Anders.</p>

<p>One more question before I sign off. If I post in a journal entry a string of the word &#8216;Luke&#8217; or &#8216;Barnacle&#8217; or even a more common &#8216;a&#8217; that was oh I don&#8217;t know 15K in size, when Markov came upon that word, would it just post a string of them as it would be the most probable word to follow itself? Does that question make sense?</p>

<p>OK I will go now only to return next Monday.</p>


what you want is a DTMF generator. you really don't want to build one yourself though. it would be much easier and cheaper to just get a cheapo touch-tone phone and rip it apart. or, you can generate the tones with your soundcard.

yes, you could deliberately screw with markov if you really wanted. of course i could also go in and fix the transition matrix by hand pretty easily too.

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