by quiet Mon 12 Nov 2001 10:14:22

Well, I hope everyone in NY is ok again. And I really hope this was just an accident, not that it makes it any better.

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another couple weeks of not being able to watch cnn. it'll be a while before they recover enough info to figure out if it was an accident or a bomb but in the meantime we'll all be subjected to endless speculation by idiots coming from every direction.

smash your tv.

I just keep wondering how people will feel after the 15th or 20th crash. People living in the US must be in an absolute panic. Scared to fly, drive, walk outside, stay at home. I feel some pity to folks who had been brought up to believe that it would never happen to them. And now they just realized that it will never ever end.

Makes me want to pick up and move to a more isolated Australia.

....Just a laptop and a hammock. Kangaroos as numurous as cockroach in mid-July. And they have most of the same things we are used to; as far as music, alchohol, nightlife, food. I may miss pizza and bagels, but it's better than f-15s overhead on a constant basis.

I love all you guys. This is so bloody refreshing... I'm even seeing american flags all around here, and american tourists? Gaaaaaaa.

i'm not sure if this is legit (or if i can even post this right), but it's entertaining and an interesting comparison. Stan the Man and Flava Flav discuss the similarities between east coast vs. west coast rivalries of the rap world and the conflict between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance. They mention the beard shaving...

Well, while it's true that a smart man can't be trusted as much as a dumb man, it isn't Bush that scares me so much. It's the people directly under him, the ones moving his marionette strings. Because they realize that he seems very honest to people, and probably is, because he's dumb. Plausible deniability and all of that jazz. I mean, think about it. How much do we hear about Chaney? Remember the ungodly electric bill for his house during the energy crisis? Was there ever an explanation offered for that? Or any real inquiry into the matter? How much of this stuff goes on?

Here's an interesting site I stumbled across. Makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

Well we already knew that our political leaders were puppets, big elected rubber stamps ... but Bush has that "I'm stupid" look so its more fun to make fun of him. In fact I know a lot of republicans that voted for bush simply for the fact that he would make a better puppet than gore. They were afraid that gore would actually think and resist the recommendations from the puppetmasters all around him. I think that's giving him a little too much credit, gore was a tool as we all know. But I think the puppet masters are very happy with their catch this time ... bush will be easy to manipulate and looks and sounds honest and really wont change anything ... and if the shit hits the fan no one will feel bad for him when he takes the fall because he's just numb. This makes the puppet masters very happy ... yes.

Ha ha ha... nope. I challenge that Kurtis. THough I'm not fighting it out in the ring of doom with you. A failed puppet is the one whose strings are visible. Gore's a better puppet, cause sometimes you think they're not there. With troutface... er Bushboy, you can not only see them, they get stuck, and the drool flows.

Hehe ... good point (you win!). :) What you can see shouldn't scare you, what you don't see is scary.

You see that I'm an irrational, argumentative, and fiery person and you still challenge my thoughts ... you rule!! :)

Nobody ever does this to me in real life.

Kurtis that is a deeply scary reply. I hope it doesn't happen again.

Uh oh. I dunno what you mean but ok. I'll try not to do whatever I did. :)

Oh. Teeheee... you agreed with me or pretended to at least. Never happens and it causes me to get all wiggly inside. Like icecream on an empty stomach... somewhat unnatural. That is, nobody ever does that to me in real life. Know what I mean?

where the hell are you?

wow. want a back rub? It may require a hammer to unpack some of those wound-too-tight muscles. I'll get Bobo.

Listen, I am not one for tV MELODRAMA either. But if you truly hate hearing it, do what I do and get rid of the damn thing. If one doens't want to hear something, then don't listen. CNN does have an off switch.

If you haven't taken a walk down by ground zero, please do so. THEN get back on the soap box and do the "I'm against terrorism" is crap rap. It still smells like burning flesh down there TWO MONTHS after. And if that doesn't make you lose your apetite for ham and swiss...

I am tired of the whole media BS too, but I'd rather see them (big brother) atleast talking about what's going on rather than have the Brooklyn Bridge or Niagra Falls or Hoover Dam or some other major American structure become another civilian death trap.

Exactly. Regardless of what I do with my own TV I can't control the millions around me who are glued to it. I can't control the people I work with who endlessly talk about it, and I can't control the people I hang out with who feel compelled to talk about it. Indeed here I am doing just that.

I empathize with everyone who is directly affected by this from the little two year old's who lost their parents to the terrorists who are getting slaughtered in Afganistan (yes I did just say that). But regardless I'm not changing it by saying the same shit over and over again like CNN does. I'm not doing a damn thing other than absorbing it because I don't have a fucking choice.

But regardless of that bullshit, I read in a paper left on a lunch table today that in some parts of northern afganistan women are going uncovered and men are shaving their beards. All I can say is wow. Whether its a good thing or a bad thing, it's certainly a change. Things are changing everywhere, both big and small, and those are the things that I want to hear and see. Not the same old "Lets kill the bad people" shit I've been spoon fed since that big dipshit (bush) got on his stupidly large soapbox and started tossing around cruise missiles. Whether its a good idea or a bad idea, its certainly not his idea ... he's too stupid to come up with one. But on a different note his lack of intelligence makes him all the less deceitful ... which is also a refreshing change from our politiciams. I guess its that slippery slope, you either get a cunning liar or a stupid honest man. Fucked ain't it? :)

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