The Legendary Couch-Moving Epic

by Eric Mattes Fri 03 Oct 2003 17:23:05

I would like to share with the readers of thraxil my amazing adventure from last week:

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My couch just barely made it through my door when I moved in. Now that we're moving again, I think I might resort to drastic measures to remove it.

I used to think my TV was cool, but then I moved three times with it, twice to floors higher than the first. Once to a beach apt on the third floor, up and around rickety wooden staircases that made a 180 degree turn which I had to lift the 147lb thing over. It's actually light for it's small big-screen size, but it's damn cumbersome enough. Moving things like tv's and couches makes me wish I either owned nothing, or really expensive small things, like flat screens and temperpudic mattresses, motorcycles and fifty dolla bills. We have the money to save the goon-docks!

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