3 years late

by tuck Sat 30 Apr 2005 13:34:51

a long time ago i mentioned my acting debut. there were problems with the production of the film, and things were complicated further by the death of one of the actors (a piece of the set collapsed under him while filming at the Beijing Film College), and i pretty much figured the whole project had been scrapped. well, while looking for some new dvds this afternoon, i noticed one that had a familiar face on the cover. it took me a few moments to place it, but, it suddenly dawned on me: “isn’t that… the guy i was in that movie with?” i grabbed it, took it home, and sure enough.

<p>the bad news is that they decided not to use the sequence where i actually say a line. bastards. the good news is that&#8230; i&#8217;m in there! and i look cool. Warriors of Virtue II: Return to Tao. i&#8217;m a prisoner, i&#8217;m wearing a cloak with a big hood. i have chin hair. what talent! what natural ability! four stars for me!</p>


dammit. amazon only has the first movie.

yes please grab your scene to some handy file format that we may all know your graces.

Do it. Doooo it!

poopy. screen capture doesn't work when the OSX dvd player is open. will get back to yous.

there's a version of "mencoder": available for OS X...

Warriors of Virtue (the first one) was on TV this weekend so i decided to watch it. oh man, it took a real concerted effort to watch for more than 20 minutes. so bad...

hey i saw that in the theater when it came out while we were in limestone. giant ninja kanga-rats? wood as an element? bring it on!

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